Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Federal god

Well, whatever your worldview, you'd probably agree that this is a crucial time in America's history.  I get emails from a student activist group, and it was interesting to hear how they expressed their concern and their goals:

Right now is a critical turning point for our country. We have the opportunity to remake America, but it will be up to us to ensure that Obama and our leaders in DC work to restore our civil and human rights, address a national healthcare crisis and work towards ending global poverty.

Hmmm.... my goal is less to "remake" and more to "restore" America.  I wasn't aware that "civil and human rights" had been eroded under Bush's watch -- but I suppose this could be a reference to Guantanamo Bay or even Bush's perrenniel refusal to fund the expansion of stem cell research or abortion-on-demand.  (And by the way, what is a "civil" right?  Zooming out even more, what is a "right"?  From Whom are rights derived?  If there is no God, is there such a thing as a right?).  Crisis?  This is the favorite word of social engineers, because it's not until something has been labeled a crisis that they can insert their hands into the nation's abdominal cavity and get to real work.  As I see it, there's not a national healthcare crisis until people are turned away from hospitals.  That's not happening in this country, but it very well could if Obama & Co. get their hands on the system.  So, if they have their way, I expect a national healthcare crisis to ensue.  Though, of course, it won't be called that if it happens.  If we sell out to socialism, healthcare will get worse in our country.  The newspapers and nationalized media will preach a revisionist brand of history that talks about the evils of helathcare under demoniacs like Bush.  If things get worse, conditions can more easily be endured if a constant barrage of information about "how bad it was before" is unleashed.  And who will dare remember that it wasn't as bad as all that?
    Oh, and it's also comforting to know that Obama will not only trade our God-given inalienable rights (such as the right-to-life, liberty, property, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly) for fictionalized "rights" that are worth about as much as a fistful of Monopoly money.  He not only has this ability, but the ability to start a healthcare crisis under the guise of addressing one, and the power to erradicate poverty -- something no ruler has ever been able to do.
    Ah, here's a strategy.  Change the definition of the word "poverty."  Define "poverty" as living in an economy governed by a free market.  Then offer the solution: a totalitarian regime.  Or change the definition of the word poverty to "living without hope of receiving federal assistance."  Then increase taxes to the point that everyone starts taking federal dollars and the GDP decreases until we're all wallowing in poverty.  At that point there'll be no striking contrast between ordinary citizens, just between the citizen and the bureaucrat.  But, of course, the bureaucrats are the anointed.  Who are we to compare ourselves with those anointed by our Leader?  We got this one nailed!
    I'm struck by the blank check that this student activist organization is writing for Obama.  The three areas they list are incredibly vague and open-ended.  If I was Obama, I would be delighted to hear the unquestioning allegiance this student group was giving.  There's no queasiness about the executive branch developing elephantitis.  There's no underlying questioning of the constitutionality of the federal government increasing its strangle-hold on healthcare, or striving to become a God-like omnipotent who waves his staff and dismisses all wrongs. 
    Just as a reminder, Barack Hussein Obama is a man.  No more, no less.  The men and women serving on his cabinet are men and women.  No more, no less.  The senators and representatives sitting in session or buying subs in the Capital are men and women, no more, no less.  The nine men and women comprising the Supreme Court are men and women.  We who elect these men and women (or elect the the one who appoints Supreme Court justices) are men and women: no more, no less.  Yes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  But that does not mean that adding together a group men and women magically makes God.  It only makes a god.  And if you thought that the gods of Greek and Roman mythology were capricious, driven by appetites, or factional and petty, you ain't seen nothing like the federal god.  Do not question: it is the word of god.  Do not hold back: the god requires it.  Do not think subversive thoughts: the god is watching you.
    And you thought the God of the Bible was restrictive?

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