Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Things (Psalm 62:11-12)

I am excessively proud of this, so I'm posting it here. It's an email I just sent out to some of the young people from my church:

______ and I were talking on Sunday, and it seemed good (Luke 1:3) to mention two things:

1) Family Talent Night -- it's coming up March 7th (Joshua 6:4-5), and it's one of those rare chances (Jeremiah 46:17) to get up and show off that ability you keep stowed deep inside (1 Timothy 4:14-15). 

Here's some ideas:
A) A musical piece
(done solo or with friends (Psalm 104:33))

B) A dramatic reading
(Scripture, Peretti, Lewis, or your own work! (Joshua 8:35))

C) A dance routine
(I hear some of you dance? (Ecclesiastes 3:4))

D) A stand-up comedy routine
(There is a Scriptural precedent: 1 Samuel 21:14-15)

E) An art piece or other handmade object
(Don't some of you knit? (Psalm 139:13))

F) A skit
(Idea1: make a commercial about the before/after effects of the "How to Share Christ without Freaking Out" Sunday School class.  We could include hypothetical testimonials from people in the class who were once completely freaked out at the mere sight of a tract, but who now confidently witness to telemarketers and vacuum salesmen (2 Timothy 4:2))

(Idea2: retell a Bible story in modern times.  For example, tell the story of Evelyn and her husband, who buy an over-priced forbidden kiwi at Walmart and change the world forever (you can trust the ads with geckos, but you can't trust the ones with anacondas); Ruth, the migrant worker who marries the head of Green Giant, Inc.; Noe, the pool maintenance guy who builds an ocean liner with live animal entertainment; Danny the graduate student working for an excitable boss who makes extreme threats by email before his morning mug of coffee (fortunately, he also writes good reference letters); Saw, the first identity-theft victim ("I go out to shoot one deer for Pop, leave my billfold on the dresser, and this is what I get.") who's ganged up by his costume-designer mother (Becky) and soap opera actor/amateur-chef-brother (Jake); Esther the second-generation Israeli 2009 Miss America winner who marries the personality judge; Joe who's framed, becomes the workforce psychologist in prison, and is eventually released to become the Vice President; Dave, the pianotuner who marries the daughter of the richest family in town and becomes the head of the clan; Iz, the rap-star singer who gets into hot water when he starts telling people the way things are (Isaiah); Debbie the 6-foot, five-star general in the U.S. Army who becomes a weak president's only hope; Moe the adopted son of a drug lord who saves his actual family from growing cannabis; Zach and Matt the IRS agents who start a scholarship for the kids of the people they ripped off, then become Salvation Army bellringers (Zacchaeus and Matthew); Mary, the woman delivered from seven extreme mental illnesses and goes on to work a steady job at Bath and Body Works (she digs those spices!); Rod, who sues his dad for half of his money, lives the high life in Vegas while his funds hold out, but gives his heart to God while he's on a forklift hauling swine leftovers, calls his dad collect and rides the Greyhound home (pRODigal son); Lazar who has a near-, during-, and after-death experience that involves more than bright lights; Roman, a death-row guard who realizes that one orange jump-suited criminal he's processed is different from any other man he's ever met.  Sounds melodramatic?  I assure you: it's all based on a true story!)

Let me know if you'd like to be involved a skit, and if these or other skits appeal to you (Ezekiel 37:17)).

When you know what you'd like to do at the talent night, email Christen to secure your spot in the program!  (Revelation 3:5).

2) Sunday Dressed to the Tens -- (Exodus 29:8).  There's got to be some hat or scarf that periodically tugs on your pant leg and asks you to wear it.  Well, now's the time.  There are some in our group who know how to organize such events, and I leave it to them to decide on the place, time, and guidelines.  But I have it on good authority from an elder lady in the church that hats put on diagonally look most chic (Isaiah 61:3)!

Have a blessed evening (Numbers 6:24-26)!

BTW1 -- I don't have _____ or ______'s email addresses, but if you do or if you know others who might be interested, feel free to forward this on! (Genesis 18:3)

BTW2 -- The Scripture references are to clarify or enhance the meaning of the sentence in which they appear.  For example, Jeremiah 46:17 says "There they will exclaim, 'Pharaoh king of Egypt is only a loud noise; he has missed his opportunity.'"  Don't let this become your life verse!

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