Sunday, February 22, 2009

My son, give it

I asked God what kind of sacrifice it was to give Him my heart when no one else wanted it.  And then I remembered that Satan wanted it: not because of its inherent value, but out of spite.  If giving my heart to God brings Him glory and supplants Satan's designs, then here, God, here it is.
     I am full of wonder that God would care about someone so insignificant, needy, well-intentioned, and undeserving as me.  Great is your mercy, O Lord.  Great is your mercy.
     Mark Twain once talked about a person needing no humility if they had no actual accomplishments.  But I've found out two things about this: 1) that you don't have to have accomplishments to have pride, and 2) that praying "God, please humble me" works.
     I bow to You, O Lord.  I want You to be the Master of my soul.  Please rule me and use me for Your glory.

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