Friday, February 06, 2009

For You, I give thanks

Your name is mighty and exalted.  You are the great King, the loving Lord, the gracious lover, the lawgiver, the merciful One.
Thank you for being my Father.  Thank you for giving Your Son Jesus for my sins.  Thank you for giving Him the strength to be a sacrifice for my sins, and for redeeming this world through Him.  Thank you for raising Him up again.  Lord, I am so glad that You did not forsake Your Son, but You sustained Him throughout His time on earth.  I know that You are sustaining me too.  I know that You are here with me now.  Please help me to become more sensitive and obedient to Your commands.  Please help my heart to respond to you.  Please bend my will to Yours, and help me to do the work You've planned out for me.  So often I feel lost and helpless, poised over a sea of nothingness.  But that's when I stop focusing you, and I start looking down between my feet at the swirling water You're leading me across.  Please help me to keep my eyes focused on You.  You are Life.  You know everything.  You are the One.  Thank you for what you're doing in the lives of my labmates, and I pray that you would use me to witness to them. Please manifest Yourself in my life. Please let me decrease, and please increase in my life, Lord, until I'm just the shell, and you're the Light burning inside of me.  Holy Father, please glorify Yourself.  I love you, Father.  Amen.

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