Monday, February 23, 2009

Focusing on Fuzziness

Just as the eye was designed to focus on an object, so the mind was designed to focus on thoughts.  There's factors that can keep you from focusing with your eyes: fatigue, being too close to an object, or trying to focus on a rippling or otherwise rapidly moving object.  It's kind of surprising how the same factors can keep the mind from focusing on a thought.  If you're tired, your brain can refuse to focus.  If you're emotionally connected with a question you're discussing in a group, others would say you're too close to be objective.  Finally, if the circumstances around an issue are rapidly changing, it can be hard to make up your mind about it.
    But the most important thing about the similarity between the eye's ability to focus on an object an the mind's ability to focus on a thought is that they were designed for this purpose.  There's a good deal of fuzzy thinking out there, and there's not much shame attached to it.  Regardless of the spirit in which you try to correct faulty thinking, the very act of pointing out fuzzy logic can get you labeled intolerant.  After all, it's easier to manipulate a person who can only see the fuzzy outline of a threatening object, or the fuzzy outline of a bankrupt idea.  For those who specialize in manipulation, they can see the idea clearly and accept it in all its ugliness, it's paramount that their followers would never be taught to appreciate or practice clear sight or clear thinking.  Horrors, they might reject the object once they saw it, or reject the idea once they knew what it was!  It's easier to get universal acceptance if there's a haze of uncertainty surrounding something.  That way, if someone took issue with the idea you only dimly understood, you could always tell them they'd completely misunderstood.  The fuzziness surrounding The Idea can be an invitation to exert your creativity: to mold the idea into what you want it to be, and stifle your interest in ever knowing what it actually is.
    While I've contributed my dues to the Fuzzy Thinking Club, it's time that I begin to think clearly, reject faulty logic, recognize and then accept truth.  After all, that's what God created my mind to do.
    Talking about fuzzy thinking, abortion is a timely example of manipulators in action.  It's true that some abortion activists know the ugliness of abortion firsthand.  The abortionist, the nurses: how can they help but see the death that is their product?  Somehow they're able to rationalize their actions.  But are these the activists that are holding signs or lobbying for increased funding of abortions?  By and large, no.  The activists are often those swept up in a fog of fuzzy thinking, who have taken the fuzzy ideas shown to them, and recreated them to be what they please.  They do not even have the clear images of the act of abortion to rationalize away.  Moving out from the center of the killing fields, the target whose bull's eye is an unborn baby, there are many people who are content with the fuzzy ideas their brains are free to interpret.  The words "safe" and "legal" can mean whatever they want them to mean: the vast majority will never see the girl dying of an infection resulting from nonsterile conditions in an unregulated clinic, the guilt that envelops the one-time mother who winces at the sound of a vacuum, the money raked in by an establishment rooted in exploitation and misinformation, the crimes "taken care of" by a forced operation, or the end product of the "right" they proclaim -- the dead, lifeless body that is somebody's daughter, somebody's son.
    I realize that shock talk isn't palatable to a lot of people.  And it is important to see the bright side of this discussion.  Look at a father with his son perched up on his shoulder.  Look at a mother kissing her baby on her head.  See the plan that God had for love among family members.  See it clearly: focus on it.  The more clearly you see the love of God demonstrated in the family, the more horrific -- I guarantee you -- the wanton murders of abortion will appear to you.
    Or, take Satan's way.  Allow him to convince you to only half look at the wonder of familial love, to never focus on the atrocity of murder before birth.  If you never focus on God's beautiful plan for family, and the perverse twist that Satan is enacting, you might not be struck by the contrast between them.  But focus, and then you will see.

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