Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You've maxed out my vocabulary

Ever heard a speaker max out?  Y'know, get so loud that you can't hear any contrast between the loud tones anymore?  You just hear a loud buzzing as the speaker tries its hardest to oscillate faster, but it just plain can't?  Well, that's what my vocabulary does every day without fail.

I'll see something so, so, so... I can't even express how wonderful and awesome and amazing and, and, and... fabulous and COOL! it is.  But I've already used up all the words I can think of, and they just can't capture this new, uh, splendid, unexpected, marvelous, gorgeous, awe-inspiring, breathtaking... thing I'm seeing or knowing or hearing!

My vocabulary's maxed out!  (And nobody 'cept me even uses the words "awesome" or "cool" anymore!)  Maybe it's time to be struck dumb and leave it at that.  God, you are beyond the reach of my vocabulary's reach.  You are so... so...  <Pause>.  <Breath>.  You are.

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