Friday, February 27, 2009

No... the OTHER Robert Crichton

I was at an educational conference (uggh!) last semester.  I'd been zoning out as the English prof rambled on, but then a name caught my ear.  "Robert Crichton."  The speaker was saying "...sad about losing Robert Crichton..." and I couldn't believe my ears.  How did someone in English know about Robert Crichton?  C'mon: I'd just found out about one corner of his research into iron metabolism.  And he's dead?  And this prof knew about it?
     So that was last semester.  This semster (yesterday to be exact) I was looking for Robert Crichton's faculty page.  When I googled "Robert Crichton," I discovered that there was more than one Robert Crichton in the world.  All the hits were for a fiction author named Robert Crichton.  So the mystery was explained...!

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